Crowns And Bridges

Crowns- crown is a custom designed and prepared Porcelain cap that surrounds the tooth.

One of the oldest methods to protect weekend tooth structure and also known as “CAP”.
Porcelain crowns give your teeth life like appearance can be prepared in any shape, size and color matches to surrounding teeth.
Porcelain crown OR BRIDGES are high and do not stain over time so provides enhanced aesthetics for years.
Dental porcelain crowns are used to strengthen and restore a tooth to its full function and appearance.
Some of the suggested reason for Crowns:
•    To protect a heavily filled tooth due to extensive decay
•    To protect weakened or fractured tooth (Trauma)
•    To protect a tooth weakened by root canal treatment as tooth becomes brittle after root canal treatment so at higher risk of fracture.
•    For cosmetic reasons for discolored teeth
•    Crowns are used with dental implants to replace missing tooth


A dental bridge is a permanently fixed multiple units of crowns joined to replace a missing tooth (or a gap) in the centre.  Not only does a dental bridge restore smiles and chewing functions, but it also serves an important purpose of preventing moving or Misalignment of existing teeth.
Some of the reason for Porcelain bridges are:
•    To replace missing tooth/teeth
•    For cosmetic reasons
•    To restore chewing functions
•    Dental bridges are used with dental implants to replace missing teeth
•    Helps with better speech and articulation by replacing missing teeth.
•    Alternate option for removable partial denture in some cases.

At Kallangur Dental surgery Initial appointment is made to discuss your needs and expectation. Our experienced dentist explains the reason to advise crowns and provides you with tailored Treatment plan suited to your needs.
We also provide you with Information Pack, which provides you sufficient information such as Benefits, risk, and procedure related to crowns and bridges. We provide you enough time and information to make an informed decision about your health.
Based on your decision A procedure appointment is booked. Again we discuss treatment process with you in full length.
Tooth preparation is done, shade selection done and a temporary crown is placed.
Next appointment:
Permanent crown is checked for shade and perfect fit. Once dentist and patient satisfied crown or bridge inserted permanently.
At Kallangur Dental surgery we Pride on Quality and longevity of our Crowns and Bridges.
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